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Brake Fluid Exchange at Hyundai Del Rio

Brake fluid is part of your brake system. The master cylinder pushes brake fluid through the brake lines and causes your brake calipers to squeeze. This causes your brake pads to contact the rotors, which slows or stops your vehicle. When brake fluid breaks down, your brakes may not function properly. It can also cause build-up or corrosion in your brake system.

Why Does Brake Fluid Need to be Replaced?

The most common brake fluid problem revolves around moisture contamination. Moisture would find its way into the brake system. When too much moisture builds up in the fluid, it no longer performs correctly. Today's vehicles do a great job of preventing moisture from entering your brake lines. However, just like other fluids, brake fluid does break down over time. Brake fluid contains brake fluid packages, which are additives that improve performance.

When the brake fluid package breaks down, the fluid no longer performs correctly. These additives prevent corrosion and wear. They also stabilize viscosity and prevent foaming. When the additives break down and cause build up on your system's metal parts, corrosion can occur.

How Do I Know When I Need a Brake Fluid Exchange?

There are several signs you may need a brake fluid exchange. These include:

  • Brake pedal feeling spongy or stiff
  • A burning smell
  • Brakes not functioning properly
  • Grinding or squeaking noise

Many of these signs can also be signs of worn brake pads or other problems with your brake system. However, a service center can easily test your brake fluid to determine if you need a fluid exchange. They dip a test strip into the brake fluid. The strip's color indicates the amount of copper in the brake fluid, which is a reliable indication of its quality.

How is a Brake Fluid Exchange Performed?

The old brake fluid is removed from the brake fluid reservoir, and new fluid is put into the brake system. It is possible to exchange brake fluid yourself. This often requires having someone pump the brakes to push out the old fluid before new fluid is put in. Once the process is finished, the air must be removed from brake lines. There's also a risk of moisture getting into the system during the flush. If the process isn't performed properly, your brakes may fail.

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Service at Hyundai of Del Rio

When you get a brake fluid exchange at Hyundai of Del Rio, we use a machine to flush the brake fluid. The flushing process continues until clean brake fluid is seen instead of the old, so all the old fluid is removed. This process ensures that air and moisture do not get into your brake system. It's also important to use quality brake fluid. At Hyundai of Del Rio, we use Hyundai brake fluid. If you haven't had your brake fluid checked, contact us today to make an appointment with our service department.


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