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Hyundai Brake pad replacement service near Del Rio, TX

For residents of Del Rio, TX, and nearby locations of Val Verde Park, Cienegas Terrace, and Laughlin AFB, we offer a comprehensive range of auto services, parts, and accessories at Hyundai of Del Rio. We are located at 1506 Veterans Blvd in Del Rio, TX. We are proud to be a member of the Khoury Group of Texas and have established several dealerships in Texas. One of the best ways to maintain your Hyundai's value is to have regular maintenance service from an authorized dealership such as Hyundai of Del Rio. Brake pad replacement is one of the many auto services offered at our location.

What are Brake Pads?

The brake pad is an essential component of the braking system. The brake pad is used to stop or slow down the wheel of the vehicle. The brake pad's surface provides the friction required to convert the kinetic energy of the wheel into thermal energy. Brake pads come in different materials such as ceramic, metallic, or organic. They also come in both front and rear replacements. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Our certified technicians can guide you on the best type of brake pad according to the vehicle's requirements and your preferences.

Why do I need to replace my Hyundai's brake pads?

The primary reason why you should replace the brake pads on the vehicle is to ensure a safe working condition of the braking system. A worn-out brake pad can severely compromise the braking ability of the vehicle. A difference of a few inches in the stopping distance could be all that is needed to save you from an auto accident. Secondly, a worn-out brake pad will damage other vehicle components, leading to expensive repair or replacement service.

Signs of brake pads that require replacement service

One of the most common signs of a worn-out brake pad is the vehicle's compromised braking performance. When the brake pad material wears thin, it tends to increase the stopping distance of the vehicle. Another common sign is squealing noise when braking. There are metal sensors designed to turn on a dashboard warning light in some brake pads when the brake pads wear down to a certain level. If you hear a grinding noise, that means the brake pads are pushing against the rotors. That can damage the rotors requiring you to have a resurfacing or replacement service done on the rotors.

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