Hyundai of Del Rio Reviews

Schedule Hyundai Service Online in Del Rio, TX

We operate a Hyundai certified service department at Hyundai of Del Rio, offering all of the automotive services that your Hyundai will need under one state-of-the-art facility roof. We talked with many loyal customers that told us that they face limited opportunities for traditional service scheduling. For them, we offer online service scheduling via our website, whereby our customers can schedule their next maintenance or repairs at their convenience at any time from the comfort of home. By entering a few pertinent appointment details, anyone can schedule an appointment for service at Hyundai of Del Rio.

Logging In to the System for the First Time

First-time users and repeat customers have a slightly different sign-in process as new guests need to provide the necessary vehicle and contact details:

  1. First-Time Guests - first-timers need to provide basic vehicle information to get started; for this, we recommend having the owner's manual handy for accuracy unless you have them memorized. The system will save these pertinent details for future service scheduling.
  2. Returning Customers - returning customers can log in with the contact information provided previously.

How to Schedule Service Online at Hyundai of Del Rio

first-timers need to provide basic vehicle information to get started; After accessing the system, it is time for scheduling the service needed. Here are several helpful tips in scheduling your Hyundai's maintenance or repair service online:

  1. Select Services - you will select the service required by choosing a recommended service given because it matches your vehicle's mileage or another popular service listed. Entering a description of what you need in the open general service request box is also possible.
  2. Select Time - choose the date and time from the options calendar or choose the first available appointment. You will also select an advisor of preference and schedule transportation to the appointment as needed.
  3. Review & Confirm - provide contact information, review the final appointment details, and confirm the appointment. We will contact you to verify using the preferred method of contact.