Used Chevrolet in Del Rio, TX

Used Chevy For Sale in Del Rio, TX

Purchase your next Chevy vehicle at Hyundai of Del Rio. We just so happen to be a preferred seller, especially when compared to other dealerships in the area. Our lineup of used Chevys is worth its weight in gold. We also carry everything that's under the sun, in a sense. This means that auto consumers can select from many diverse models. A number of exterior paints are on tap, as well as numerous trim levels. The Chevy brand produces dependable vehicles, and our used inventory is no exception to the rule.

Used Chevy SUVs

Our range of Chevy SUVs should fill your heart with desire, and this inventory has many versatile options. Customers can select from many full-size models. You'll surely need to come in to see what's available because our lineup is constantly changing every week. Some of the popular models will include the Chevy Tahoe thanks to its bold looks, 122.9 cubic feet of cargo space, and a 420-horsepower engine. You can step your game up by choosing a Chevy Suburban, which is great for those who have families. This large SUV has reconfigurable seats, tech advancements, and plenty of amenities. The Chevy Trax is great for daily driving thanks to its small size and maneuverability.

Used Chevy Trucks

Our used trucks are worth a second look. Hyundai of Del Rio offers full-size and mid-size models. Buyers can also expect light-duty and heavy-duty models. The Chevy Silverado 1500 is great for work use, thanks to its versatility. The Chevy Colorado is very flexible with its off-road and full-size capability.

Used Chevy Sedans

We carry used cars as well via the Chevy Malibu with its standard features. The Chevy Camaro is ideal for those who are seeking high-performance perfection. Both models will carry innovative technologies and useable features for a more exhilarating drive.

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